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 Yami/Eien/Styl/Stylish ~.^

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PostSubject: Yami/Eien/Styl/Stylish ~.^   Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:21 pm

Name: Yami/Eien or Styl/Stylish, whatever you know me by

Mains, aka the Unholy Trinity: Like a Star @ heaven YamiTsukai[Dark Knight] - EienNemuri[Templar] - TooStylish[Desperado] Like a Star @ heaven

Alts: Teknologic(Mechanic), AnimeMagick(Witch), LoLDodgeTHIS(Launcher)

Mule Char: HayakuShine<(Grappler)>

Even Altier Alts: CallMeLazy{Sader}, DragonSlayRL{Blade Master}, HerpDerpHurr{Soul Bender}
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Yami/Eien/Styl/Stylish ~.^
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