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 My Pve Build For Bear

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My Pve Build For Bear Empty
PostSubject: My Pve Build For Bear   My Pve Build For Bear EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 10:45 pm

Since You Asked Here It Is, I Dont Have Derange Ex Skill Cuz Afew More Secs Dont Mean Nuthing, My Gore Is Maxed Because If You See Me Play, Im All About The xxx gore xxxx upward xxx mountain, awak stinks of course but the passive doesnt, twister is a holding skill, those who max it, nice job - - but it doesnt matter much, i dont have phy crit crap cuz with how many times you press x on a zerk, you really dont need more dmg -.- die hard + ex? is my one and only hp pot all the time, 7-8k hp back = the best, and i can use it when my hp is at half, 2gud, 2gud, my upward slash, actually does dmg, so yes for pve, its maxed, lvl 1 thirst, thirst sucks badly and its not needed imo, but i only have it because when you have it on, you dont have to hold down the lvl 70 ex skill, it'll do it for you, so thats that...im sleepy so gnight, too lazy to find out how to put a picture...so click etttttt!


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My Pve Build For Bear
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