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 Miss you crazy people. :)

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PostSubject: Miss you crazy people. :)   Fri May 25, 2018 11:27 pm

It's Hallow bitches! Someone sent out an e-mail with a bunch of oldies from the one and only, glorious Attained Bankai and I wanted to see where everyone was at in 2018!!!

I have absolutely no idea if anyone will get any sort of notification about this being posted but it's worth a shot.

I ended up looking at old screenshots/threads and re-watching the old AB raffle videos at work lol.

All that reminded me of is that John IS the most glorious guild master of all time.

Anyway if you're still around, come say hello below! Yeah? Yeah!

(originally posted this under events so sorry if it came up twice for anyone!)
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Miss you crazy people. :)
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